Google Spreadsheets for project management

About this project

A spreadsheet to track the approved quiz questions a team of item writers contributed. User-friendly features include data validation so that users could only select quiz topics from a drop-down menu and an overview tab to track how many questions we had for each section of each quiz and how many more we needed. In the end we made over 1700 questions for the textbook English Unlimited.


Type: Google spreadsheet

Purpose: Collaborative project management

Date: 2021


  • Google apps
  • Tool 2


  • Elearning Development
  • Project management
  • Google apps

The team also found copyright-free images and uploaded copies of them to Google drive as a backup. Then the team made each question in the spreadsheet in H5P, using the Colum and Quiz content types.

Finally, we asked the community of teachers to check the questions by completing them in H5P on Blackboard to check for quality.

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