Innovative presentation of information with H5P

Websites for learning English

About this project

Our team of Elearning unit members collected a list of websites for learning English and translated the descriptions into Arabic. We firstly collaborated on Google docs and then I published it on H5P. The H5P content was embedded in our learning management system and on our website.

The other content shows how content can be found on different devices. It is made with H5P’s course presentation tool. It allows students to click on the image of the device and go directly to the slide explaining how to find their lesson. I added navigation buttons as images and hotspots to direct students back to the main menu. I made the videos with annotations using Camtasia. They are added as animated gif files to the slides.


Type: H5P Column

Purpose: Content curation

Date: 2019


  • H5P
  • Snagit


  • Website development
  • Project management
  • Google apps

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