Primary School Computing Tutorials

In 2013 and 2014 I used to teach students computers at a British curriculum international school in Bahrain. I wanted to add it as a portfolio piece to show how I got started with creating my first youtube channel. It was good learning experience planning the visuals, writing the script, editing the video, recording the narration and learning about how youtube channels work.

I also embedded these videos on a dedicated website. Unfortunately, I don’t create these videos any more and I stopped the website, since I changed to English language teaching / Elearning development.

I used windows movie maker and the microphone in my laptop to create these, so the sound quality is not as good as it should be. Since then I’ve invested in Camtasia, which is video creation software, and also in an external mic called the Zoom H5 to get much better audio quality.

It was a good idea to go for a consistent format so people could know what to expect and it also cut down on editing time.

Tutorials all started with verbs and matched the UK Computing curriculum outcomes. I addressed the primary teachers in the videos, rather than the kids themselves. Tutorials included…

  • Communicate online with Gmail
  • Explore variables with Duck Builder
  • Create a mind map about staying safe online with Mindomo
  • Explore a virtual map with Google Earth
  • Edit Digital Photographs with
  • Handle data with Google forms
  • Create shapes and patterns with MSW logo
  • Create an animation with Pivot animator
  • Create a collecting game with Kodu Game lab
  • Create a branching database with Google Slides
  • any many more…

The link to the let’s learn computing channel is below.