Self-grading English Quizzes

About this project

Quizzes for English language students to review the grammar and vocabulary points from each unit of their textbook. One is a quiz and the other is questions embedded in a youtube video. Scores from this task can be sent to learning management systems such as Blackboard.


Type: H5P Quiz

Purpose: English language learning content for universtity students

Date: February 2021


  • H5P
  • Camtasia
  • Youtube


  • Elearning Development
  • Video production

Creating the quiz…

For this example, I’ve used the sample Unit 5 from the Cambridge Empower page of the Cambridge University Press site. There are more questions than students see in each section. Each time the student does the quiz, they are shown a different set of questions from the pool of questions in that section.

Screenshots of the textbook grammar points are shown below.

If students get less than 80% of the questions in a section correct, they are shown a video, which is either a short lesson or an example of using the English in a conversation or monologue.

Try getting questions wrong to see the videos. I made them with Camtasia and I did the voice narration with my Zoom H5 Handy Recorder. The videos include captions made with Camtasia’s caption tool so they are accessible for students with hearing impairments.

The images used in the questions and videos are all from copyright-free sources such as Pexels or Pixabay. I’ve been careful to select culturally appropriate images suitable for students studying English in Saudi Arabia, where I work.

Here’s a short clip of creating the multiple choice questions. I save time when creating new questions by copying and pasting the previous question if it has the same format.

About the video quiz…

Singular and plural nouns are discussed in unit 1 of Unlock Second Edition by of Cambridge University Press. The goal was to create an additional practice activity about this topic for students.

I thought this video from YouTube was particularly suitable because the author asks questions to students throughout the video. Overlaying H5P questions on top of the video takes it to the next level of interactivity.

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